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Advantages nopCommerce vs Magento

It’s a question we hear often: ‘should nopCommerce or Magento be used to build your e-commerce platform on?’. To be able to answer this question, it is important to clarify what the difference exactly is between these two e-commerce platforms. In order to do so we have made this clear overview to make it easier for you to see the differences.

E-Commerce platforms

Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source

This e-commerce platform has 2 options:

  • Magento Commerce (previously Enterprise Edition); and
  • Magento Open Source (formerly Community Edition).

Magento Commerce is the paid version of Magento. The costs are calculated based on average gross turnover. For sales less than $1,000,000, prices start at $22,000. These price indications are based on hosting the platform in-house. If you want the Cloud version, the costs will rise up to at least $40,000.

Magento Open Source however is completely free and without any subscriptions. With this freemium model the costs will rise by choosing additional plug-ins.


The e-commerce platform NopCommerce has an open source version only. There is an option for a paid support subscription. Any additional costs are in the purchase of third-party plug-ins.

“At Certigon we use nopCommerce to build e-commerce platforms on.”


The differences

1. Functionalities

The e-commerce platforms have a number of similarities. For instance the included functionalities such as product and catalog management, SEO features, built-in statistics, multi-store and multi-vendor support. And in addition, they also have various payment and shipping integrations.

Features in Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source

Despite these similarities there also are differences between nopCommerce and Magento. These differences are mainly to be found in the paid and the free version of Magento. If you want to use Magento for your e-commerce platform, we advise you to take a good look at these differences before making a choice! Take Adobe for example, they have included several functionalities to Magento Commerce in Magento 2 (the latest version).

However these functionalities are not available in Magento Open Source. A few examples of new features: customer loyalty tools and additional marketing tools (flexible prices, coupons, promotions up-sell and cross-sell).

Features in nopCommerce

When we look at NopCommerce, we see that it has functionalities similar to Magento Commerce, but these features are included to start with and at no cost. You should take a look at the extensive marketing tools NopCommerce provides free of cost that are not available in the Magento Open Source version, but only in the paid version. With nopCommerce you can start up-selling and cross-selling immediately.

2. Customization, adjustments and changes

An essential difference between the two e-commerce platforms is the so-called development language. NopCommerce is written in Microsoft’s .net Core / ASP.net Core, while Magento is developed in PHP, an open source language. It is generally considered that .net Core and ASP.net Core are a more productive environment, allowing for faster customization and changes.

In addition to making changes and adjustments more quickly, ASP.net Core is also faster and consumes less resources. This ensures that less server capacity is required, making hosting cheaper.

3. Security

NopCommerce is considered “more secure” compared to Magento. To give you an idea: NopCommerce has released 1 security patch since its launch. Magento, on the other hand, released 6 security patches in the first eight months of this year alone.

As a result, the maintenance costs for Magento will be higher than for nopCommerce. In addition to the costs, installing a patch is always a risk and results in (short) downtime of the service. Also, you must constantly perform updates on the Magento platform to resolve the vulnerabilities. If you don’t, you risk that your webshop might be a target for hackers due to the vulnerabilities that arise due to not updating the platform. Possibly hacks and errors will occur and you risk attacks by hackers who might try to break in. With nopCommerce you are at a lot smaller risk of attacks because there are hardly any to no security holes. Also consider that the free version “Magento Open Source” is not PCI compliant. This means that Magento cannot safely process Open Source credit cards. NopCommerce however is PCI compliant.

4. Support

With Magento you will be depending on the online community forums or the basic knowledge for product documentation. Magento Open Source does offer a forum online where members of the community can help each other.

To get straight to the point: Magento Open Source does not offer support.

Premium support is available for the paid Magento Commerce version. Unfortunately we could not find prices for support for Magento Commerce support. That’s why we assume that this is free and therefore included in the monthly subscription costs.

With nopCommerce you do have to sign up if you want extra support, additional to the online forum of the e-commerce platform. The costs for the extra support from nopCommerce are $299 for 3 months or $799 for a full year.

5. Number of webshops

The number of webshop implementations of both platforms are almost similar. Please note that we are talking about “Magento 2”. The old variant “Magento 1” is no longer supported by Adobe as of June 2020. Magento currently has more live web shops with 62,000 opposed to nopCommerce with 58,000 live web shops. Take into account that this number of Magento shops still gives a distorted picture because more than 50,000+ webshops are still running on the old Magento 1, bringing the total of Magento webshops to 110,000+.

NopCommerce by Certigon

Whether you focus on B2B or B2C e-commerce, nopCommerce is, according to Certigon, the best base to build your webshop on. The combination of open source and commercial software based on Microsoft ASP.Net Core and Microsoft SQL offers an e-commerce platform solution for both corporate and smaller companies for the delivery of physical and digital goods. You can implement all the features you could possibly need to run your webshop in this nopCommerce platform, including many cool marketing tools for content marketing and customizable feeds for Google Shopping.

As of February 2020 Certigon is officially a nopCommerce Solution Partner. As a certified Solution Partner we guarantee that we have the knowledge and skills to get the most out of your e-commerce business. An extra plus is that we have full access to nopCommerce support and services.


As an experienced nopCommerce Solution Partner, Certigon provides tailor-made e-commerce solutions in all sectors. Our certified developers develop safe, scalable and supported tailor-made solutions. As a result, these solutions will meet your unique business needs, utilizing the power of nopCommerce.

Next to our nopCommerce knowledge we are very experienced in other areas of software development, such as API development, Portals, Mobile Apps, Connectors and Business Intelligence. All solutions developed by Certigon are accompanied by a penetration test report upon delivery. This way we ensure our customers that the solution developed meets the industry security standards.


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